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Unisex Deodorant Body Spray Combo Pack 150ML Each (Pack of 3)

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Immerse yourself in the allure of French Essence with our Unisex Deodorant Body Spray Combo Pack, featuring the captivating scents of Oud, Triumph, and Recharge. This exclusive trio, thoughtfully packed in 50ml bottles, combines sophistication with versatility for a fragrance experience that transcends gender boundaries.

Crafted to be skin-friendly, each deodorant body spray in this pack offers a refreshing burst of fragrance without compromising on care. Oud introduces a rich and exotic note, Triumph exudes a sense of victory and confidence, while Recharge brings forth a dynamic and invigorating scent. Together, they form a collection that complements various moods and occasions.

The French Essence Unisex Deodorant Body Spray Combo Pack is more than a set of scents; it's an exploration of individuality and self-expression. The compact size of each bottle ensures portability, allowing you to carry the essence of French luxury wherever your day takes you.

Elevate your senses with French Essence, where each spray becomes a moment of distinction. Embrace the versatility of the Unisex Deodorant Body Spray Combo Pack – a curated collection that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Redefine your daily routine and let the scents speak volumes about your unique personality and style.

Top Notes: Oakmoss

Middle Notes: Apple

Base Notes: Citrus


We are an Indian fragrance brand that stands in partnership with Vanessa Cosmetics, a reputable 60-year-old third-party cosmetic, aerosol, and perfume manufacturer.

Established in February 2022, amidst a saturated fragrance market, we emerged to fulfill the need for enduring scents and a diverse selection.


Our fragrances, sourced from France and meticulously bottled in India, harmonize international notes for the Indian climate.



Our products are not only skin-friendly and cruelty-free but also adhere to sustainable practices, reflecting our commitment to ethical beauty.


Country of Origin:  Malaysia

Manufacturer:  Vanesa Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. Industrial Area, Village Akbarpur Barota Distt. Sonipat Pin- 131104 Haryana, India

Address:  Corporate Office: 20, Manoharlal Khurana Marg, Bara Hindu Rao

New Delhi – 110006

Email: hello@frenchessence.com

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