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Bio-essence has a rich history and proud philosophy as a leading Asian skincare brand, built upon a genuine understanding of Asian women and their skin care needs, coupled with an on-going commitment to scientific innovation. Bio-essence constantly offers a variety of highly effective products to achieve & maintain Youthful, Beautiful & Healthy skin​.



Find this game-changing soft textured and luxury skin treatment by the No. 1 Brand In Singapore, Bio Essence, now in India. Check out the whole range of products and grab your favorites for an exclusive skin routine. Bio-essence recognises the vital importance of energy circulation and the body’s inherent ability to replenish and repair itself - given the right environment and stimulus. ​Women across the Asian Geographies have developed a trust with Bio-essence as Bio-essence with all it’s transformative magic, gives the skin the opportunity for its own rejuvenation and revitalizes the skin's dull cells.


Bio-Energy Complex™ is our unique formula that transforms the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself.​ By enhancing the in-take of oxygen, it helps the skin breathe, changing cells from inactive to energized state. It provides positive energy that shift skin cell energy state from “Quiescent” to “Energetic’ and simultaneously boosts cellular energy to its optimal level and increases energy circulation in skin that helps in absorption. There occurs an increase in the oxygen intake and mitochondria respiration of skin cells by 39% which results in stimulation of the skin renewal.


24K Gold has been used in various forms since ancient times to strengthen skin’s defence system and slow down skin aging. Real 24K Gold is said to have been used by Cleopatra, Swarna Bhasma has its mention in Ayurveda and it is also injected in the skin in South East Asia. The real pure 24K Gold flakes get absorbed in the skin through Bio-Energy Complex™ and release active Gold ions rich in trace minerals which improve micro circulation and hence skin’s metabolism. This also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin present in skin, thus increasing skin’s collagen fibers and keeping it firm and youthful.

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